UP2 Integrated Petroleum Geology
Field based training
UofU Petroleum Partnerships

Foreland basin and fold-thrust belt petroleum systems

Wanted: Industry Sponsors and Course Participants!  

What: Mixed classroom and field-based short course in northern Utah and western Wyoming; Emphasis on clastic sequence stratigraphy, compressional structural geology, and petroleum concepts; Continuing education credit through the University of Utah.
Where: Rocky Mountain West classroom, based in Salt Lake City
Participants: Graduate students and advanced undergraduates seeking industry training; early career professionals
Sponsors: Forward-thinking energy companies interested in supporting students, evaluating potential new hires, providing early career training, and developing in-house training programs
Instructors: Lauren Birgenheier, John Byrd, Cari Johnson, Mike McGroder, Lori Summa

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lammerson 1983 western canada sedimentary basin atlas